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About 【Kikō】

The brand name ‘Kikō’ originates from the Japanese word ‘気候,’ which means climate, or it can be translated into Chinese characters as ‘木構,’ meaning wood structure. Kikō low-carbon products are made from over 70% xylem fiber from upcycled agricultural waste.

Our inaugural product, the Upcycle Bamboo Plant Mounting Board, introduces a new texture and style to plant displays, reducing the reliance on boards sourced from native plants and gives a new life to agricultural waste. 


Ethical Sourcing

Kikō adheres to the principle of ‘source local, make local"  and hence built a low-carbon supply chain for our production process. All series of Kikō products are manufactured using food-grade materials that will slowly release nitrogen and benefiting plant growth. Product is biodegradable, and can decompose without causing furtuer environmental issues (no microplastic/ environmental hormones) The product just turns into fertilizers for plant growth, making them an environmentally friendly choice for consumers. 


From Corporation to Co-Operation

Kikō is committed to contributing to a sustainable future. We are not just a Corporation, but rather aspire to promote Net-Zero practice through everyday consumption, bring global civil co-operation in to action, and reshape our modern lifestyle with low-carbon footprint solutions. We start with developing new materials for horticultural products, and aim at reduceing product carbon emissions while also enhancing nature's carbon sequestration capacity. We provide plant lovers with a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative, which is also beneficial for plant growth. After all, achieving net-zero emissions is our most powerful tool in addressing the climate change.

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