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  • The natural texture of bamboo is preserved.
  • The peg-board-like design on the surface has several functions. One of them is for users to make them as reference anchor points to position the plant symmetrically.
  • When watering, surface tension traps water in the holes, allowing the boards to absorb water and hydrate the plants. It’s a perfect substitute of Fern board.
  • There are designated holes for hanging on four sides that can be drilled through easily with just a screwdriver.

Original Rec. Mounting Board (light)

SKU: SQ1208V1
  • Product size: 30cm*20cm*1.4cm

    **The main components of the boards are natural materials, and their typical lifespan for outdoor use is about 3 to 5 years, but it still depends on environmental factors (such as light and humidity).

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