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  • New optimized formula, product comes with an upgraded feel and more durable.
  • The front side is coated with washi paper, and the back side retains the natural texture of bamboo. (Washi paper color with brand choice of PANTONE color.)
  • The peg-board-like design on the surface has several functions. One of them is for users to make them as reference anchor points to position the plant symmetrically.
  • When watering, surface tension traps water in the holes, allowing the boards to absorb water and hydrate the plants. It’s a perfect substitute of Fern board.
  • There are designated holes for hanging on four sides that can be drilled through easily with just a screwdriver.


**The main components of the boards are natural materials, and their typical lifespan for outdoor use is about 3 to 5 years, but it still depends on environmental factors (such as light and humidity).

(Multi-Color) Washi coated Rec. Mounting Board

  • Product size: 30cm*20cm*1.4cm

    **During the use of the boards, they will start to degrade over time and due to weather conditions, and the shedding of bamboo chips is a normal phenomenon. The paper-covered version has relatively less shedding compared to the plain version. If you are concerned about the issue of bamboo chip degradation, it is not recommended to choose the lightweight version.

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