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  • New optimized formula, product comes with an upgraded feel and more durable.
  • The front side is coated with washi paper, and the back side retains the natural texture of bamboo.
  • The unique grooves on the surface is a design inspired by Karesansui, a traditional Japanese garden style. When watering, water stays in the grooves due to surface tension, and the board can absorb the water and moisturize the plants.
  • Hanging holes are provided on all six sides, which can also be used for hanging, or they can also be used to be combined with other Kikō hexagonal boards to make a bricolage of colors.
  • Due to its good water retention, breathability, the roots of the plant can crawl up along the line of the groove, creating a unique beauty.

(Charcoal) Washi-coated Hex Mounting Board

SKU: HX8508R3D
  • Product size: 21.4cm * 24.7cm * 1.4cm

    **The main components of the boards are natural materials, and their typical lifespan for outdoor use is about 3 to 5 years, but it still depends on environmental factors (such as light and humidity).

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