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Plant Mounting Board & Planters

Product Features

Eco-friendly material

KIKO- adheres to the principle of "local sourcing, manufacturing, and a low-carbon industrial chain" throughout our production process. Our entire product line is manufactured using food-grade materials, engineered to decompose or be reused after disposal without causing any ecological burden. Moreover, these materials can even serve as beneficial fertilizer for plant growth, making them an environmentally conscious choice for consumers.

Carbon fixation

Given the pressing issues of climate change and global warming, carbon reduction and carbon fixation have emerged as key priorities. Various solutions, including rainforest restoration, regenerative agriculture, seaweed cultivation, and bamboo utilization, have been discussed extensively. Bamboo utilization, in particular, has garnered significant attention for its potential in reducing carbon emissions through fixation.

Low-carbon supply chain

Exclusive composite formula

In that we emphasis on a low carbon footprint, carbon fixation, and eco-friendliness, Kiko- actively seek bamboo resources from suppliers with the closest geographical proximity. We collaborating directly with bamboo farmers from within a perimeter of 30 kilometers. This approach aims to minimize the carbon footprint generated during transportation and foster cross-industry collaboration to create a low-carbon industry chain in Taiwan.

Southwestern part of Taiwan are rich in bamboo resources. Bamboo boasts numerous advantages, including its highly efficient carbon sequestration capacity (3-6 times of than that of wood). However,  only a well maintained bamboo forest can achieve such result. Since the bamboo forest management results in significant bamboo material that turned into agricultural waste. KIKO- utilizes this abundant bamboo produce as the major material, thereby increasing the utilization of bamboo in Taiwan and promoting the circular regeneration of bamboo forests.

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